The RB-29 Crew Shot Down on 13 JUN 52

June 13, 1952: US Air Force Aircraft
Lost in Sea of Japan/Kamchatka Peninsula Area

Date: 06/13/52
Aircraft: US Air Force B-29
Crew: 12 (no survivors or remains recovered)


Busch, Samuel N. .. MAJ Philadelphia, PA
Scully, James A. .. 1LT Philadelphia, PA
Service, Samuel D. .. 1LT Berkeley, CA
McDonnell, Robert J. .. 1LTOceanside, NY
Homer, William B. .. MSGJeanette PA
Moore, David L. .. MSG Ashland, KY
Blizzard, William A. .. SSG Arlington, CA
Monserrat, Miguel W. .. SSG Philadelphia, PA
Berg, Eddie R. .. SSG Blackduck, MN
Bonura, Leon F. .. SSG Beaumont, TX
Becker, Roscoe G. .. SSG Tillamoock, TX
Pillsbury, Danny A. .. A1C Orange, TX

SOURCE: Cold War Shoot-Down Incidents Involving U.S. Military Aircraft
Resulting in US Casualties

From: Robert L. Goldrich, Specialist in National Defense
Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division
Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress

July 1992
This aircraft was apparently shot down either over the Sea of Japan or near the Kamchatka Peninsula of the USSR. No remains or survivors were recovered by US or allied forces. In the diplomatic note of July 17, 1956, noted above, the US Government states that:

An officer, believed by the United States Government ti have been a member of this crew, was observed in October 1953, in a Soviet hospital north of Magadan near the crossing of the Kolyma River between Elgen and Debin at a place called Narionburg. This officer stated that he had been wrongfully convicted under Item 6 of Article 58 of the Soviet Penal Code.

RB-29 Crew

L to R, Front Row: Navigator, 1st Lt. Robert J. McDonnell — Right. Scanner, S/Sgt. Roscoe G. Becker — Tail Gunner, S/Sgt. Eddie R. Berg — Left. Scanner, Leon F. Bonura, Flight. Engineer — Master Sgt. William R. Homer
L to R, Back Row: Radar Operator, *Capt. Samuel D. Service — Pilot, 1st. Lt. James A. Sculley — Aircraft Commander, Major Samuel N. Busch — Radio Operator, S/Sgt. William A. Blizzard — Central Fire Control Gunner, S/Sgt. Miguel W. Monserrat — Camera Operator, A/1c Danny PillsburyT/Sgt. David L. Moore, not in photo, was included in the mission.


13 Jun 52 – shot down in the Sea of Japan near the Kamchatka Peninsuula by Russian fighters. All 12 crew presumed killed. Later reported that an officer, believed to be a crewmember from this aircraft, was observed in a Soviet hospital at Narionburg near the Kolymar River in Oct 53. The USSR repeatedly denied holding any survivors from this aircraft.

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