Joe NixonTSGT Junior Joseph Nixon USMC
By Mary Nixon
Technical Sergeant Junior Joseph Nixon, missing since Aug 7, 1952 in Korea. Joe joined the Marines in 1945. After serving in WW II, he served in Korean War. The government declared him Missing In Action on Aug.7,1952 and said it appeared he died of facial injuries, but his remains were never found. Three years later, the government declared him dead as no remains were ever recovered.

Joe was married to Gloria in 1951 and they lived in Daly City, Ca. Gloria had a four year old son, who Joe was in the processing of adopting. In October 1952, Gloria gave birth to Joe,s daughter Nancy and she, her husband and two sons now live in Berrian Springs, Michigan. Gloria still lives in California. Joe has a sister, Helen Malek, who lives in Sterling Hgts., Michigan and me--a sister-in-law, Mary Nixon, who lives in Rochester, Michigan.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew Joe.

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